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 Article in NCSU's Bulletin
"I want to show that you can make something really fast and really strong out of wood and that wood isn't an old and antiquated low-technology material"

 Geneva's hits and misses
"Joe Harmon tells us what's hot and what's not at this year's Geneva Motor Show"

 New Knight Rider - reviewed
"Knight Rider returned to US television screens on Sunday night – and our man in the USA, top car designer Joe Harmon, got to see the first exciting episode. He shares his views with you..."

 Detroit's Hits and Misses
I had the honor of writing a segment on the Detroit Auto Show this year, detailing what I feel are the 5 best and 5 worst concepts of the show. The article was published for Orange. Orange is Europe's largest broadband provider with over 8.1 million broadband customers across Europe, and is Britain's No1 VOIP provider with more than 150,000 users.

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Making the Body Panels Mold

The Wooden Wheels

 Live Webcam
Building the Body Panel Mold

Engine Animation

Joseph Harmon and his team are
building a high-performance, mid-
engined supercar from wood composites
as a graduate project at North
Carolina State University. Wood will
be used whereever possible, including
the chassis, body, and large percentages
of the suspension components and wheels.

  See the Picture of the Day!

The Splinter Chassis

 Building The Splinter BLOG

Engine Animation

 Live Webcam
Building the Body Panel Mold

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