Tips for Online Vehicle Merchandising

The key to any successful marketing campaign is to position the product in a proper way. The most famous marketers would always display their products attractively with a clear message to convince the consumers to take buying actions. However, when it comes to automotive dealers or marketers, this norm of positioning a product changes a bit.

Though the challenges are the same, you have to extra careful in marketing an automotive product. According to a J.D Power report, 78% of the consumers use online to purchase new or used cars. Aside from this, states that having a better merchandising campaign can increase VDPs up to 55%. So, in this article, we will talk about the best tips for a successful online vehicle merchandising. These tips will help you in getting ahead of the competition. So, let’s have a quick look at the tips –

  1. Build a strong and talented team of workers

Even if online marketing is solely based on technology and the internet, the entire strategies are developed by a skilled team of online marketers or experts. In that case, bringing in the best people within the industry will make your vehicle merchandising campaign easier. So, when you are looking to hire people, you should look for dependable, productive, and detail-oriented candidates. Because if you can build a strong team, you can capture photos and videos of all vehicles correctly. Therefore, hire the right people and develop a long-term solution for your business.

  1. Use VIN-decoding software to good effect

For a vehicle merchandising campaign, everything starts with VIN decoding, which where most automotive dealers make mistakes. However, you can easily avoid them if you select one by one and provide each vendor with 10 VINs to decode. Be sure to choose the best vendor who will decode the makes and models of vehicles accurately. Any inaccuracy in decoding will result in unhappy customers and create liabilities.

  1. Take real and authentic photos of new cars

The most common mistake that all almost dealers make is that they use stock photos to display new cars. Regarding vehicle merchandising, using stock photos for new cars is a dreadful practice. Today’s customers are aware of everything, and they appreciate authenticity more than anything. According to a study, conducted by Kelley Blue Book, 90% of the new vehicle customers want real photos of cars from the dealer’s lot. So, always take new pictures of cars and display them perfectly to attract the attention of the consumers.

  1. Make eye-catching video descriptions

Most automotive dealers just decode the VINs, take some photos of the vehicles, and then post the listings on the directories. But, that’s not how the online vehicle merchandising works. If you want to engage with your consumers in a compelling way, you need to have something extraordinary at your disposal like – creating out-of-the-box vehicle descriptions. You need to tell a story about your products or vehicles to make the consumers understand –why they should buy your cars! So, write the descriptions in a clear and concise manner. You can even use artificial intelligence to improve the descriptions as well as the efficiency of the videos.


Even if you are an automotive dealer, you should not forget that you are still a customer for another product. You need to put yourself in the shoes of a car shopper to understand what they want from you. In fact, you have to put your inventory positioned in a unique way to every potential consumer. So, with an increasing level of competition, it’s the only way to achieve success in online vehicle merchandising campaign.